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Clean Break Limited is proficient in all areas of high and ultra high pressure cleaning and pleased to be able to offer specialist services for the following:

UHP Surface Preparation - Ultra High Pressure water jetting is an excellent way to achieve exceptional surface preparation results and is rapidly growing in popularity as a technique in favour of more traditional abrasive blast cleaning methods. For more information visit our website

Hydrodemolition - Despite the name, hydro demolition is not used so much for the purposes of actual demolition but for concrete restoration and protection. Perhaps more commonly known as hydroblasting or water jetting, the hydroblast process is a concrete removal technique utilising ultra high pressure water jets.

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Road Marking Removal - Markout, a trading name of Clean Break Limited are pleased to be able to offer road marking removal using ultra high pressure water jetting which incorporates vacuum recovery in a self contained jetting head. The Markout system works on all surfaces including Tarmac, Asphalt, Granite Sets, Cobbles, Block Paving and Concrete and the systemís versatility mean it can work almost anywhere including Car Parks, Pedestrian Areas, Motorways, Country Lanes, Forecourts, Service Areas, Runways and Taxiways. The Markout high pressure jetting system can remove / erase white lines, yellow lines and any type of paint and thermoplastic markings can be removed. Markout can also remove rubber , paint and antiskid from all types of surfaces. For more information please visit the Markout website.